FootGolf Socks Sizing Guide

Want to know what FootGolf socks will work best for you?  Our sizing guide breaks out FootGolf socks based on shoe size, calf size, and height.  Make sure you look your best on the FootGolf Course with argyle socks that fit perfectly to you! 



  • Generally fit here if:
    • Men's shoe size less than 7
    • Women's shoe size less than 8  
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Large :

  • Generally fit here if:
    • Men's shoe size 12+
    • Women's shoe size 13+
  • Large Products:

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Impact of Calf Size: 

  • Calf size can also have an impact on optimal FootGolf sock sizing:
    • Soccer players also have large calves (due to strong legs)
    • Recommend consider going up a size if you have large calves